An overview of the College

Al-Ghad International College for Applied Medical Sciences in Riyadh depends on well-defined fields of scientific knowledge and disciplines that have been established by Saudi peer universities across several years of academic experience. The College aspires to follow the lead of well-reputed and outstanding Medical Colleges which constantly renew their teaching practices and methodologies. It strives to achieve this objective through taking advantage of new teaching prospects in applied medical sciences. In addition, the College has adopted the philosophy of problem-based learning (PBL) which makes our students personally responsible for their learning.

 Objectives of the College

The College offers more than a solid grounding in Applied Medical Sciences. We hope everyone realizes that we seek to instill high moral values in our students who intend to accomplish their educational process at the College to become specialists in various healthcare areas. We aim to develop a new generation of highly-skilled graduates who are equipped with strong knowledge of their specialties. The College has been ranked as one of the leading institutions on both local and regional levels. Additionally, it has successfully won top performer prizes in the Scientific Conference competitions held for male and female Saudi university students. These achievements have been realized, thanks to Allah in the first place, and thanks to our wise government’s support for the advanced health and medical programs designed for high education; as well as owing to the accurate and successful planning carried out by the management of Al-Ghad International Colleges. Today, we bear the fruits of the seeds of excellence that we have sown over the past years. We also pride ourselves with an excellent management represented in His Excellency Sheikh Ibrahim bin Moussa Al-Zwaid, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and other leading professionals.

The University Level

We hold a strong belief that Al-Ghad International College for Applied Medical Sciences in Riyadh shall effectively contribute, along with its affiliate Colleges in our beloved Kingdom, in the development of medical and health education in Saudi Arabia, as well as the creation of skilled professionals who recognize their patriotic role towards their nation and strive to achieve excellence and distinction.

Specialties offered in the Academic Year 1440 / 1441 AH (2019/2020 AD)

Male Students Section:

  • Bachelor of Emergency Medicine
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technology (BSc. in MIT)

Female Students Section:

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Medical Imaging
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc)

The Number of College Graduates

  • 551 male graduates
  • 256 female graduates